SOC 2 Compliance

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SOC 2 Compliance

What is SOC 2?

SOC 2 is designed for cloud service organizations. It requires organizations to implement and maintain information security policies and procedures based on criteria specified by the AICPA for security, availability, processing, integrity, confidentiality, and/or privacy.

Depending on which SOC 2 compliance criteria your business chooses, you’ll be able to assure customers that your system:

  • is protected from unauthorized access (Security)
  • is available for operation based on your commitments (Availability)
  • produces accurate and complete information (Processing Integrity)
  • protects confidential information (Confidentiality)
  • handles personal information in accordance with the criteria set forth in the Generally Accepted Privacy Principles (Privacy)

Contact us to decide which criteria is right for your organization's SOC 2 compliance.

We can help you through all the SOC 2 Readiness Steps below:
  • Determine which SOC 2 criteria is right for you
  • Select a SOC 2 auditor
  • Perform a Gap Assessment
  • Remediate Gaps and Implement Controls


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We can help you decide which criteria are right for your organization.
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Why SOC 2?

Customer Trust and Satisfaction

Your customers will earn your trust with SOC 2 compliance as this would provide assurance of adequate controls to protect customer data. Most large customers require you to be SOC 2 compliant. Trust us, SOC 2 compliance gives you a competitive edge.

Standardize Security Practices based on best practice

SOC 2 framework provides a baseline for implementing and monitoring security controls.

Risk Management

No one can eliminate risks, but we all want to reduce and manage risks effectively. SOC 2 provides a framework to identify, monitor, and mitigate risks.

Save Time and Money

Security questionnaires can be time-consuming and honestly are no fun. Eliminate the need for completing the questionnaire and streamline your customers’ onboarding process with a third-party SOC 2 attestation report. Mitigate the risks and costs of data breaches with strong and verified SOC 2 controls.


Internal Audit Services

SOC 2 requires management to perform evaluations to determine if internal controls are present and functioning. An annual internal audit is conducted to demonstrate the evaluation and monitoring of internal controls.

With our expert and objective viewpoint, we perform an annual assessment of your controls and issue a quality internal audit report that demonstrates the management's evaluation and monitoring of internal controls.

Information Security Policy Development

Well documented and implemented Information Security Policies are fundamental to achieving an effective Information Security Program. We perform Policy Gap Assessment to identify gaps in current documentation and work with you to remediate the gaps.

As part of remediation, IBIZ customizes a full suite of policies designed to meet specified security frameworks and security obligations.

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